Brand identity is the aggregation of what all an organization does. It is an organization's vision, mission, personality, philosophy, promise to the consumers and competitive advantages. It includes the thinking, feelings and expectations of the market/consumers. It is the face of any organization that distinguishing an organization from another. Each brand has its own history and identity. Where a logo, design elements and color scheme plays a conceptual role. To identify and manage the factors is the task of brand management.

In times of increasing complexity and decreasing product cycles plays the best use of marketing resources the decisive role. Therefore, it is for companies, agencies and service providers increasingly important to establish specific brand management systems. With assistance of our brand management solution NBS currently helps more than 100 customers.

Promote the RIGHT brand to the RIGHT consumers.

We can assist business with software customization for a bundled set of communications; such as custom letters, notices, receipts, and other ways which are particular to each brand. For those with more complex needs, we can help with the brand-specific products, pricing, fee structures, and custom reports.

We Examine your Current Brand Management Practices

  • How to Build the Brand Management Plan
  • Brand Building On the Internet
  • Measuring Success of a Brand Equity Plan
  • Ensure Your Final Brand Management and Equity Plan 

What It Does For You   

  • Enables you to maintain the benefits of brand loyalty after a merger.
  • Removes guesswork and eliminates manual lookups to see which member is affiliated with which brand.
  • Eliminates post-merger confusion within the branch.
  • Allows your staff to focus on member service.