"The primary goal of MARCOM is to reach the desired target audience to affect its interactive behavior by informing, persuading, and reminding.” We believe facilities like social media, blogging, search engine optimization, e-newsletters, marketing automation, and any other online activities are necessary for successful marketing–for both B2C and B2B businesses.

Certainly, the end goal of MARCOM is the same as it has always been, but the way we reach that goal and the channels we use to communicate with the market have changed so extraordinarily that the way marketing communications is viewed (and the way it is defined) must change as well.

Marketing communications does function within the marketing umbrella. We do use MARCOM methods to promote, inform, persuade, and remind. It is indefinite.


CORPORATE RELATIONS (3rd sub topic of Brand Communication)

Our corporate expertise includes: 

Reputation Management — We help clients create, articulate and protect their most valuable asset: their reputations with and among key constituencies to increase shareholder value, engage employees and strengthen brand loyalty. We align influencer relationship building, corporate social responsibility programs, executive visibility, media relations and issues/crisis management to reinforce core corporate brands. Services included in our reputation management expertise consist of:

o   Reputation Research

o   C-suite Positioning

o   Storytelling sessions/coaching

o   Thought leadership communications

o   Crisis & Issues Management

o   360 Degree Influencer Business Management

o   Digital Influence

o   Sustainability

o   Citizenship/Corporate Social Responsibility

Business-to-Business Communications (B2B) — Our B2B team helps companies who primarily target other companies as clients build their reputation in the professional space. From thought leadership communications to sales-based media relations, our teams know how to reach customers across a myriad of sectors, including aviation, financial services, chemical and gas, insurance, entertainment, legal, accounting and public sector.

NBS Financial — NBS has a specialty group serving clients in the financial services industry. From our deep relationships with key journalists, to our full understanding of our clients’ products and services, to motivating potential customers – we bring the knowledge and expertise necessary to address our client’s needs.

NBS Impact — NBS Impact specializes in internal communications, helping companies navigate change so that their employees are with them, rather than against them. And, once change is navigated successfully, then we help make those same clients a destination employer – a place where people want to work, and where they wake up every day being excited about their work.

In short, we help companies meet their business objectives by strategically shaping and delivering information that drives employee behavior. To do this, we create strategic internal communication programs and platforms that help companies move from a one- to a two-way conversation – and the support and training to help executives and managers adapt to this new conversation. We are committed to helping our clients attract and retain top tier talent, in an atmosphere that supports innovation, enthusiasm, professionalism, and commitment.

Our offerings include:

  • Brand Delivery
  • Pursuit of specific business objectives
  • Restructurings and downsizings
  • Process changes Systems changes 
  • Changes in strategy or direction 
  • Sales campaigns 
  • Environmental change
  • Mergers and acquisitions Office/business relocations
  • Change in leadership
  • Union negotiations
  • Creating “ambassadors” for industries/companies
  • Team collaboration and communication 
  • Communication function evolution
  • Communication vehicle evolution