Digital is changing the way brands and marketers communicate with consumers; thus it can be difficult to keep up with trends.

The historical, "Linear" business model, in which consumers shopped only in stores, has been altered out of all recognition. Now, business advancement and its identity can only be recognizing by its modern communication methods and digital appearance.

New business models are changing the E-Commerce in profound ways. Never before have your customers been able to contribute so directly to your company's product design, marketing, and sales efforts – if you know how to tap into them.

For being the part of E-Commerce race we design our identity as digitally advanced and creatively smart. Services for which NBS is known are:

  • Online Marketing
  •  Web designing
  • Software Development
  • Web Portals
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing & Management
  • Online Reputation management


M-Commerce is an additional feature that provides an extra complement to the global market. In this emerging market there are many opportunities for customers.

We at NBS are offering consulting services from the Analysis to the Product Stabilization phase. Therefore, we are highly attentive to share all the good sides of this new technology. Such as:

  • M-Commerce Market Assessment
  • M-Commerce Operation Assessments (RFQ & RFP submission, evaluation and definition)
  • M-Commerce Technical Assessments & App development
  • M-Commerce Business case analysis
  • M-Commerce Entry Strategy
  • M-Commerce Solution Provision End to End Architecture
  • M-Commerce Procurement Services (RFQ & RFP submission, evaluation and definition)
  • M-Commerce Distribution network approach and strategies
  • M-Commerce Marketing, Product Management and Pricing Strategy
  •  Mobile Wallet